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The following are a few success stories of ponies we've had in training~

"Vintage Batman" Welsh Pony~this pony we purchased as a 16 year old breeding stallion, he was a bit of a wild man when he came, Lindsay started him under saddle and then we gelded him at age 17, shortly thereafter he was used as the kids lesson pony and went on to be a successful show pony winning High Point at the Plumas County Fair and many more wins at many more local shows.

"Stars and Stripes" Welsh/Connemara pony~this pony we purchased from a close friend, he was an excellent pony for the kids to learn on, they won many ribbons on this guy and he also was a successful jumping pony.

"My Copper Penny" aka "Dillon" Welsh cross~ this pony we purchased for the kids, he needed some re-training with leads and manners and ended up being one of the best pony we've owned. Our kids did everything with him from Showmanship, Western, HUS, Jumping, even some Roping! Jasmine and "Dillon" also competed in the "4-H Classic" and did very well. He was truly a wonder pony.

"Tinkerbell"~this little pony was such a sweet girl, Lindsay started her under saddle and used her as a lesson pony for the kids.